Brand New Strains at DHO Medicinal


We have Released over 10 New Strains at DHO Medicinal! We have also Released some brand new concentrates from new brands Such as King Extracts, Nektr Extracts, and more! Be sure to visit us today! Use coupon code dhodeal to save 10% On your first order!**Have a Vaild ACMPR Document? Send it to us at to save 10% on all Orders with DHO Medicinal!**Are you a Veteran? If so, send us in Valid Documentation to save 10% On all orders with DHO!

New From The Collectives Cultivators:

  • Peanut Butter Breath – A Potent Indica with a Unique terp profile!
  • Pink Grease – This one is Pure Gas!
  • Chocolope – A Beautiful, Sticky and Pungent strain!
  • Train Wreck – A Classic in the Cannabis World!
  • Death Bubba – One of the Heaviest Indicas Around!
  • and many, many more!

New From The Berlin Flower Co:

  • Pink Champagne – Sticky, Potent and Flavorful!
  • Purple Frost – A Superbly Sedative Indica
  • and more!
The Collectives Cultivators
The Collectives Cultivators (Logo)
King Extracts

New From King Extracts:

  • Silver Kush Flower Rosin
  • Pink Kush Flower Rosin
  • SFV OG Flower Rosin
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