The DHO Difference

The DHO Difference

Here at DHO Medicinal we are dedicated to serving our customers only the highest possible quality medicine. In order to make it to the DHO Menu, each and every item has to be lab tested – and not only pass, but be of a high THC or CBD Percentage. This is why we have a small, but very High quality menu. Our patients can rest assured that when purchasing our flowers, concentrates, or edibles, they are purchasing not only a potent product, but a clean product as well.

All of Our flowers are grown in the best possible conditions, and supplied to us through MMAR/ACMPR Cultivators. Each and every Concentrate is made and supplied by only top quality suppliers, such as west coast collective, MeltsZn, and many more. Our partners ensure that the concentrates and edibles are produced in sterile environments. We are very proud of each and every item we put on the menu!

We hope you enjoy everything on the menu as much as we do! Please feel free to leave reviews on any product you have tried.

1 thought on “The DHO Difference

  1. I just cant possibly say enough good things about DHO!ive been using their services for between 3-4 years and not only have I never ,ever once received a product I wasn’t overly happy to have but ive yet to find anyone else in the country that can even remotely come close to comparing to them.the customer service is incredible,staff go out of their way to make sure u get adsactly what u want or need in a very professional and timely manner,and everything on their site is a beautiful quad A craft cannabis product.if u try them you’ll never want to get your product anwhere else ever again.smoking their new batch of “ice cream cake” reminds me of the saying,dont judge a book by its cover,i had the ice cream cake strain about a month ago thru a friend and the difference in quality between the 2 growers is just plainly out of this world.same strain,5 different growers,theyre all gonna come out different quality and the trick is to find someone whos an expert at growing and providing the best quality product available,and that my friends is DHO!the heaviest and most hard core smokers in this country can have access to a product that will get u lit every time u smoke and if u want actual proof u can see,check me out on Instagram @smokey2k2ca and see for yourself! im about to get into 1 of my favorite strains on the planet,”greasy death bubba” and spend the day medicated and high af! the best thing you could do today is place an order,give em a try and join me on this stress and pain free ride to pure happiness!

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